Friday, February 22, 2019

Magical stroke - Highschool 29

The following youtube video is from 2017 all Japan high school kendo championship at summer (called as inter-high in Japanese).

It was individual part, 1st round. The first match in following video is especially interesting, so I introduce this part. Red player is Itoh belongs to Sendaiikuei high school and white player is Seike belongs to Takachiho high school.
This white player is very deft player that can hit various kinds of Men. His body balance is also good, which made dynamic and powerful stroke possible.

For example from 1:42, he shifted clockwise and trying to stroke Men at the same time. Without deft technique and balance, this couldn’t be possible.

At 2:10, white player hit Men from the reverse side with abrupt positioning change.

2:17 Men was steady stroke, though it looked prevented by red player. Soon he added hiki-Men.

At 3:03, white player tried Kote. To change rhythm of Men attack, it had some effect.

Soon after that, white player hit hiki-Men again. And red player failed to prevent it and Men became ippon.

The next moment at 3:20, white player fit the timing red player came to hit. White player dodged a bit rightward and at the same time he stroked Men.

From red player’s view, he might feel white player suddenly disappeared from his front and felt some impact of Men.

It was a magical stroke!

Unique Men - University 39

Today, I found player hitting unique Men, so I introduce.

The following youtubevideo is 2017 Kanto student Kendo championship 1st round. The red player is Sato belongs to Tokodai Univ, and white player is Sasaki belongs to Tsukuba Univ.
Second contact after this match start, white player stroked unique Men. It was as if he hammered down into opponent’s Men. Timing was also unique and looks difficult to cope with.

0:46 counterattack Do was tricky hit. At 1:05, white player found unguarded Men and hit hiki-Men.

At 1:26, white player stroked Men, but was difficult timing and method as first unique Men. This time, he tried Men like stabbing movement, shortest path.

It is good for player to hit several Men, it could deceive or confuse opponent player and makes play dominantly.

1:52, red player stroked nice timing, but it was not ippon.

2:08 red player a moment became unguarded and white player didn’t let him continue playing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Physical strength - University 38

Today, I am introducing following youtube video from 2016 student open tournament final match (more than 3 dan players).

The red player is Fukada belongs to Kanoya Univ, and white player is Sawada belongs to Rikyo Univ.
From first, red player dominated and controlled the match. He made pressure and stroke faster than white player in many cases.

At around 2:00, both players didn’t try to hit or move in Tsubazeri attachment, which led to one foul each.

3:03 red player’s counterattack Men was good timing, if white player didn’t defend it might become ippon.

3:45 white player’s Kote was nice hit and close to ippon, but after he hit, he became unguarded. And red player stroked Men without mistake.

Soon after that, red player jumped into Men with one step. His distance between feet is relatively wider, but his distance of Men is very far. He has strong physical and it outreached opponent player in this match.

Monday, February 18, 2019

amazing gyaku-Do - University 37

Today, I am introducing cool gyaku-Do technique.

The following video is from 2015 all Japan Kendo team tournament 2nd round. Daihyou match (score tied after Taisho and for extra inning).

Red side player is Isamu belongs to Waseda Univ, and white side Umegatani belongs to Chuo Univ. They are both from high school in Fukuoka prefecture, so they knew each other well.
White player is good at combination hit like 0:25. In the match, they spent rather longer in Tsubazeri attachment. This is partly because they knew each other’s strong point well.

Nuki-gyaku-Do, which hit unusual side of Do when opponent player come to hit Men.

At 2:43, red player was trying to hit gyaku-Do. It was a bit far from proper range.

Red player’s style is standard, while white player sometimes moves rapidly and unexpectedly. Red player paid well attention not to be hit from this point.

At around 4:00, both players improperly attached and they both were declared one hansoku (foul).

The last moment, white player hit amazingly good timing, but he might not expect red player also came to hit Men at same timing. White player dodged opponent stroke skillfully, and finished the match.

White player has many skillful stroke such as he did in the match.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Increasing chance and decreasing risk - University 36

The following video was 2017 Kanto regional student kendo championship. Red player is Kaizuka belongs to Nittaidai and white player is Ogawa belongs to Reitaku Univ.
At this match, I would like reader to focus on red player’s movement. He is fast and skillful, but moreover he had no unguarded moment. His vigilant tactics is helpful to think how to avoid unnecessary stroke of opponent.

At 0:14, red player touched opponent Men. If he smashed strongly, it might be an ippon.

Red player’s guard technique is from 0:15- Tsubazeri attachment. When opponent tried to hit something, he always reacted faster by either clinching or dodging by making space.

At 1:13, white player hit Do at a timing red player hit Men. Red player stopped at middle, so he could prevent Do, but if he didn’t stop Men, Do might be an ippon.

1:30, Kote was very difficult for opponent player because at the last moment, it was difficult to tell it would be Men or Kote. So it was confusing and white player was deceived.

Another good point of this hit is the movement after his hit. He instantaneously shifted his body to the position that opponent player couldn’t hit.

Next red player’s Men was also favorable timing, red player hit white player’s unguarded moment after white player’s hit.

Red player in the match tried to hit white player’s careless moment, on the other hand he was never careless. Increasing chance and decreasing risk like this match makes player more chances to win.

Magical stroke - Highschool 29

The following youtube video is from 2017 all Japan high school kendo championship at summer (called as inter-high in Japanese). It was ...