Saturday, April 20, 2019

Practice (footwork etc) - Highschool 32

I previously introduced skillful footwork play,

And this time I found how they practiced this kind of footwork technique in youtube video. The following is the video.
I may not need to explain further, because Kyusyugakuin is one of the most famous strong team of high school club in Japan.

So, in the first sentence, the history of the records or prominent alumni is introduced; Since club establishment in 1911, 7 times spring all Japan high school tournament victory, 7 times Gyokuryuki tournament victory, 5 times summer all Japan high school tournament victory, and had alumni such as Uchimura and Nishimura (2015 made video).

First, from 1:50 Mr. Komeda (Supervisor) explained students for the importance of finishing hitting imaginary competitor in front with good snap.

So, footwork training starts at 3:10-. He explains several points e.g. body is stabilized while footwork keeping supple as much as possible.

At 4:02, Hoshiko practices, who was the representative of all Japan team player at WKC at 2018. At that time, he was still in high school.

Next, they practiced basic Men. At 5:31, he explains try to pressure reverse side of the aim and hit.

Finally, they did Kirikaeshi practice, it looks not good stroke, but remember it is abridged version (I think several minutes or more than 10 minutes, they kept stroking, so they are exhausted.) Anyway, they continue hard practice and that made them strongest.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Big record - Highschool 31

Senbatsu kendo tournament of high school student is held in Aichi prefecture every year at spring. This tournament is very important for high school kendo players.

Only teams win preliminary in each prefecture have entitled to participate. Therefore, players are generally competitive from 1st round and winning this tournament means the champion of all domestic Japan teams in spring.

This tournament is known as one of big four championship of high school. (others; Kaiseiki, Gyokuryuku, and Interhigh).

The tournament started at 1992, whose winner was Ikuei (Hyogo prefecture). Surprisingly, Kyusyugakuin (Kumamoto prefecture) high school won 6 consecutive years by 2018, and one big interest of audience is “Is it possible to win this year? (Or stop the record)”.

The following is the final match, the red corner is Kyusyugakuin and white is Meiho (Oita).
Briefly, I would like to explain the result, so first Senpo and Jiho drew the matches.

At Chuken, Kyusyugakuin got lead. At 13:52, red player chuken decided Kote. White player for that moment, drew backward a bit. Though white player tried to stroke Men and one judge for white, red player’s Kote outreached its momentum and precision, two judge admitted for red side.

White Fukusho and Taisho player were eagar to get back the score, but red side players were very good at defense and couldn’t return the score.

So, red side Kyusyugakuin is congratulation for 7th serial win. Incredible!

We saw the team this year this February at another tournament, and to be honest, we didn’t expect so much because previous years’ team were much more powerful. Although many matches were marginal victory like this final match, they did win this year also and continued the winning record. It was extraordinary.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Debana-Men (counterattack Men) - University 54

The following youtube video is from 2013, all Japan student kendo tournament of team. Every year, this tournament is held in autumn season.

The red team is Tsukuba Univ., and white team is Hosei Univ. The red player is Takenouchi, and white Syutoku. Interestingly, both players are from Fukuokaohori high school at Kyusyu district.

It was extra inning match, daihyosen. Because they end up in tie score after Taisho (last players) match, they chose one player each from their team. Psychologically, white player was more tough, because he last his position before this match, and junior player is easier to play carefree in general.
The red player Takenouchi’s one of favorite technique is “debana-Men”, counterattack Men when opponent player tried to approach.

At 0:35, red player stroked Men in half-way distance, this kind of stroke is menace for opponent. It is fast and unpredictable sometimes.

White player’s strong point is pressuring opponent player like he showed from 0:49-,1:45-, and 2:15-. Red player had to prevent by stepping back (Otherwise, he might be hit.).

At 2:02, red player hit good Do, though it was bit far from critical point.

At 2:53, when white player approached to aim some place, red player reacted and swung very fast and captured Men.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hot spot Kanto - University 53

Last time, I introduced high standard players ippons in Kyusyu area. This time, I would like to explain I introduced Kanto students tournament frequently. (In students tournament, either university or college students have entitled to take part in.)

In Kanto area whose center is Tokyo, there are many prominent and rich Universities compared with other part of Japan. They would like strong or promising players to come (for advertisement).

So, they prefer entrance examination as recommendation of these players. Some of players are not only fee exempted but also given scholarship. So, Universities in Kanto area have many strong players. Competition of Kanto preliminary becomes tough for many players.

These days, in terms of high school students, Kyusyu is strongest. But, when it comes to University or college students, Kanto is the strongest.

The following is the omnibus in 2018 Kanto preliminary of team match.
There, many players are from other parts. For instance, first red player is from high school in Kumamoto. And 3:50, players are from Kumamoto and Miyazaki, respectively. At 7:27, players are from Fukuoka and Miyazaki, respectively.

Personally, I like 6:29 Men. It is very skillful and powerful.

5:36 Do is also graceful and beautiful hit.

I am sure you find your favorite among these. Kanto area is hot spot!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kyushu players this year (100th anniv.) - Highschool 30

This is the memorial (for us) 100th article.

Today, I just post recent ippon omnibus from youtube video. The first one is from 2019 spring season Kyusyu district kendo championship of high school student. It is individual match.
First 2 ippons are quarterfinals, and then semi-final and final. In this tournament, two Ikeda won semifinals. They are twins and belongs to same high school “Fukuokaohori”. Their kendo styles are different, which is a bit surprising for me.

Another omnibus is following; The same championship, but division of team match.
In the video, my favorite is 0:53 Kote and 1:52 Men. A winner Taisho’s Men (4:02, 4:19) are also impressive, he has good skill hitting short distance.

Kyusyu district as high school players is one of interesting spot many strong players gathers historically. We keep focusing on them!

Practice (footwork etc) - Highschool 32

I previously introduced skillful footwork play, And this time I found...