Monday, September 24, 2018

17th Kendo World Championships MEN individual final

The 17th Kendo World Championships took place in Korea.
The final match of the men individual became a battle between Korean Jin Yong JO players and Japanese Sho Ando players.

Ando took two points and won.

I think that it was a good match at the high level.
There are two consultations by the referee in this game.
The first time is 0:50 of animation. Immediately after the start of the game, the referee suspended the game because the obligation had been held for a long time. Neither player was bad, so it did not become a foul.
The second time is 3:45. At this time, Ando became foul. It is because he tried to keep the tubazeriai long because he did not positively put out techniques. JO tried to solve the tubazeriai. This second penalty may be taken at a slightly earlier stage. Even at 2:50, we can see movement that Ando does not want to resolve the tubazeriai. Because the flow of games will change with early taking foul bills, the referee should actively judge.
Both of the techniques taken by Ando players were wonderful.
1: 05 He is returning to the JO's kote with perfect timing and hitting the men.
The other side of 4:45 was Ando moving a little faster. It was brilliant.

Congratulations Mr.Ando.
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