Thursday, October 18, 2018

Deceiving Kote - University 7

Today, I will introduce a match of university student championship preliminary at Kanto region. Kanto includes Tokyo metropolitan area.

The name of red player is Nakane from Ryutu Keizai University.

In this match, the power balance between the players were similar. However, the match finished less than 2 minutes with 2 – 0 score. This time, Nakane played very well.

Following is the youtube video.
Both players were good at offense and defense.

Their technique and experiences of severe match were also similar as they have been top player since they are small.

They know their opponents’ strategy and strong point well.

And both players were good at backward stroke, so from 0:45- mutual “Tsubazeri” attachment, they were very attentive not to be given a hit by other.

In terms of first Kote at 1:59, it looked like mild hit, but I think it was abrupt timing for white player and he opened his Kote at a moment.

Therefore, 2 out of 3 judge admitted it was ippon.

Next Kote was most clever hit. After unexpected Kote, who expect he intended to chose the same?

But this time, one more trick was set; First, he put up shinai for pretending to hit Men.

As a result, white player unconsciously put up shinai again to intercept Men, and hence he opened his Kote. It was a beautiful Kote.

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