Sunday, October 28, 2018

Amazing Men - University 9

This is the match of 2010 all japan university student championship (team). The match following was taisho, Watanabe (red: Waseda University) and Nishimura (white: Tsukuba University).

The score before taisho match was, 2(4) – 2(5) from red – white. So, winners were same, but white team had one more ippon and if taisho ended up draw, white team would win.

The red taisho had to win with at least one ippon for making his team win.
The first contact was amazing!

Red team Watanabe jumped Men in a wonderful one step. It was only possible with enough preparation to attack opponent both physically and mentally. You can see his left foot was ready to go as opponent player tried to approach him.

Red player’s normal position of shinai was set higher. In general, it has disadvantage to be easily hit Kote. And Nishimura is good Kote hitter as seen 3:35, which was fast and powerful.

But as you see next moment, red player was careful not to be hit his Kote and already took measure for this formidable opponent. So, he evaded Kote at his shinai handle and tried to hit another Men.

1:50 white player’s Tsuki was most closest to the ippon. It might be a bit shallower. And 5:48 he tried, too.

4:49 red player’s very skillfully clinched white attack, sometimes forward clinching is safer than backward avoiding.

From 5:25, red player gradually went backward because of white player’s pressure. Temporarily, it made him to avoid ippon, but I feel it is better to avoid horizontally, not like this. Unnecessary foul should be avoided if possible.

In this match, red player’s balance between offence and defense was excellent like you see 5:04-. So, he kept some distance for safety, while he made pressure to tire opponents.

After this match, red team Waseda won this tournament at last.

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