Friday, October 19, 2018

Defense after hit - Highschool 4

Today I’d like to explain about the importance of defense after players hit his stroke. The following video is 2016 Gyokuryuki championship (about Gyokuryuki .

Red player is Kajitani from Kyusyugakuin high school, champion team in this tournament. This match was 7th round for deciding quarter finalist.
Red hit backward Men at 0:12 with nice impact sound. He snapped his wirst very well. Snaps can be trained through swing practice (Suburi) if you do it properly.

But more than just his Men, I want to focus after his movement. In this match, one notable point is red serial movements after his hit. He is always attentive and little chance for opponent to find unguarded places.

Usually, it could be vulnerable moment and chance for opponent after the hit. If you meet opponent face-to-face, of course you pay enough attention. However, many players tend to be careless after their stroke wanting to appeal his hit is ippon, ironically which may give opportunity for ippon to opponent.

Get back on the match, after 0:12 white player chased to hit, red player protected shinai. At the same time, he moved rightward to dodge white player to avoid one foul as well as ippon.

After his try of Gyaku Do at 0:47, he moved up close to the opponent so as not to make a risky space for opponent to hit him.

After 1:38 Men, he soon placed his shinai to original position for preventing next attack of white player.

1:58 Men was timing-off and white player delayed his reaction.

Last Do was beautiful. This time, he placed shinai up his head when he turned around to the opponent to avoid further attack.

It is very tough to match this kind of player because he is not only fast and powerful but also good at defense, which makes it more difficult for opponent to find the place to hit.

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