Saturday, October 6, 2018

First Jiro

Hello, this is Jiro writing first time. I live in Nagasaki now. Nagasaki is located Kyushu area. Kyushu is known to have full of strong kendo players especially teenagers. In Nagasaki, nowadays Shimabara high school is most famous for strong kendo activity.

But today, I feel like introducing another aspect of Shimabara and Nagasaki.
Shimabara peninsula is located eastern part of Nagasaki, where is also famous for samurai castle relics and hot spring Unzen. This is a Unzen picture.
On the other hand, Nagasaki is not so many hot spring as Shimabara peninsula has. But, I know very nice facility of hot spring; it is "Fukunoyu" located in the middle of Inasa mountain, where is also famous scenic spot.

This facility contains rare carbonated spring as well as restaurant and bedrock bath.
Unfortunately, I just found Japanese site, but you can find google maps in the page and there is free shuttle bus from Nagasaki station.
If you have guts, I recommend you to go. Though it has not hotel service, it is very comfortable to bathe if you do it properly. Oh, don't forget to be naked when you bathe because that is the general rule throughout Japan.
(Next time, I will introduce kendo activity, believe me!)

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