Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Footwork - Highschool 1

This is from final team match of 2015 spring season all Japan high school championship.
Kyusyugakuin (red) VS Tokaidaiurayasu (white)

I shows latter half of the match, fukusho and taisho.
From senpo to chuken, the score was draw in total. So situation was even before starting fukusho match.

Red Men at 1:38 was faster than white his shinai was closer to hit point, he might predict white also try hitting Men, so he prepared the position closer to opponent Men before attacking.
AS for his second Do at 5:17, at the time white attacked Men, red has already prepared to counterattack Do. Look at his feet position when white hit Men, they were already set proper place.

Red player 's movement was very fast, and also changed hitting place frequently so that opponent confused and making more chance to get ippons in this match.

The score at fukusho was 2-0, therefore white taisho have to win 2-0 to be tied with red team.

Red first hit Kote at 6:15. Because white wanted to get back team's behind and showed haste attitude to attack, this Kote hit less guarded point of white player very skillfully. Before this hit, white swung shinai several times and red found white weak point.
Second Men was at 10:02. Red didn't use normal Men technique. Usual Men was like white player's Men. Step right foot forward and hit opponent Men. But, red player let his left foot behind and step right foot at the same site and soon after he hit Men, he draw his foot immediately and made good posture for zanshin. This method enables player to hit Men earlier only if opponent come to hit from distance.

For both fight, the most important point is how to use and move foot. They made advantageous position swiftly by good footwork and dominated the matches. Footwork is essential in match.

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