Monday, October 15, 2018

Foul victory: Nishimura vs Ando

As I explained in following article,
If somebody make two fouls (^), opponent get one Hansoku (H) ippon.

The foul includes touching shinai except designated hilt, going out of matching place, dropping shinai, time-consuming or inproper attachment to opponent. The attachment is called tsubazeriai and is taken as a foul especially somebody is in dominate. Because, it doesn’t seem to be a fair play just to attach in order to consume unnecessary time or improperly beat opponent.

There are many idea and opinion about this Hansoku ippon. Some people do not prefer to get Hansoku ippon. However, I think it is also player’s competence to get many fouls and win opponent. I feel in Kyusyu area, compared with other place, players and teachers tend to be unbiased about Hansoku ippon and see it as just one technique to get ippon.

Below is one interesting match from All Japan Kendo Championship at 2015. Ando is from Hokkaido, while Nishimura is from Kyusyu in junior high school and high school, when I think is important to make up one’s Kendo personality and intelligence.
Red player is Ando and White player is Nishimura.
At around 6:00, 7:55 Ando’s shinai got struck and he released right hand then. At last, 8:19 his shinai was blashed off and gave Nishimura one advantage.

If you are given one foul, the opponent has advantage psychologically too.
Suppose you have one foul, you have to be careful enough not to go out of place, release shinai and tsubazeri time. Backward movement becomes difficult in some situation, even that is a good chance for the player. When it is a extra inning, only one another foul play make you lose the match.
So, player who are given foul have one extra pressure.

Nishimura aimed at beating Ando’s shinai again and again like 11:23 and at last he succeeded to blashed shinai away at 11:37.

After this match in semi final, Nishimura also won Hansoku ippon. Below, I will attach link to the youtube. If somebody interested, please see it. (This time red is Nishimura, white is Umegatani)

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