Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Interesting footwork - Highschool 2

Last time, I mentioned footwork importance. And I remember one interesting footwork player Mizuno (white corner) from Chikusidai high school. Now he is in Sensyu university kendo club. And this video was the one he was in high school.

His footwork is unique. It is like sliding the floor and a bit clockwise movement. He moves both vertical and horizontal direction depend on case.

For example, from 5:03 he slided horizontally to avoid opponent pressure. On the other hand, from 6:42 it was almost vertical movement. He seemed to check opponent reaction.
Through the match, he used both direction case by case.

In terms of ippon,white Men at 2:07 looked like he was hitting Men while rounding the floor (Not standard forward Men method but interesting method).

He also good at backward movement "Hikiwaza" as well as forward technique. In last hike-Kote, he harnessed red player's power to push him and immediately prepared position and hit Kote. He also showed deft Do at 3:45.

About this match, their power balance was subtle from score (2-1) and as red player also near the ippon point as 7:02 Men, 7:25 Men, 8:35 Men as well as his Men (1:52). The stronger point in this match for white player was footwork, I think.

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