Saturday, October 13, 2018

Agressive Jyodan - University 4

Jyodan is one of the posture in Kendo. Player set shinai over the head and stroke opponent. The closer position for Jyodan player is Men, so if players Jyodan and Chudan (normal position) try Men at the same time, usually Jyodan hit faster than Chudan player.

On the other hand, Jyodan has several weak point such as Tsuki or Do is open in regular position.
From my experience, it is depend on individual whether he or she is good at or bad at Jyodan. In my case, I know how to battle against Jyodan. So basically I like to match Jyodan player and percentage of victory had been high. (But in case of Kusano, whom I am introducing is so strong and I don't think I have a chance to beat him if I match.)

This is a video from all Japan University team Kendo championship 2016. Red team is Sensyu University and white is Kanoya. Kusano who is Jyodan player is white side Senpo.
Senpo is a first player to appear in team match and to make momentum of the match, so he was the best person for that.

Player matching Jyodan has to choose some specific skills. One of them is like red 2:14 Kote, which is left hand Kote and it is not normally a target, but a target of Jyodan or Nitoryu (Double sords) player.

At 2:36, typical Jyodan’s Men decided. For Jyodan player, it is more common to hit Men with just left hand. When I practiced Jyodan, I tried both hand Men and left hand only Men, and it was easier for me to use just left hand.

As I explained first in the article, both players tried Men together, and white player won Men competition (3:05).

Usually, I prefer Chudan player to others, but he is special. He is a very powerful, aggressive and impressive player of Jyodan. So, I introduced him.

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