Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Lateral footwork - University 10

Last time, I mentioned footwork a little. It is very useful in both case of offense and defense.

I prefer lateral way movement as well as forward and backward movement because it helps player to keep own good territory.

Recently, many players mainly use just forward and backward movement in Japan. This has an advantage that players can quickly switch on and off attacking opponent easily.

However, if you add horizontal and lateral movement, I think you have more choice for strategies.

The following video is a quarterfinal match of 2013 individual preliminary at Kanto region leading to all japan students championship. White player is Tsuchitani, belonged to Kokushikan University. He is good at lateral footwork too.
Do you notice? Even first 1 minute, he moved sometimes clockwise and counterclockwise way.

Imagine an opponent player in front of you changes position to a little leftward when you try to hit Men. It must be more difficult compared with a player remaining same place.

When white player made distance, he never went just backward but changed direction little by little and made distance. It was also useful to avoid careless hit.

Around 1:30 and 2:10, he did also the same way.

From 1:49, white player became closer to back line and he soon moved clockwise to keep his place.

From 2:20 he started to move counterclockwise way as if checking where to hit. I think 2:30 Men was his favorite place to hit.

After that he also used his footwork. He dodged Men at 3:47 not just backward but with an angle. His movement was very elusive and difficult to catch.

Red player tried to get ippons also, however, unfortunately in this match, he seemed to have little chance to hit any place.

In this match, white player’s tactics was suitable; Keeping safe place, checking opponent, hit properly and then defend his ippon.

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