Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Reflexes and Dynamic vision - University 5

I will introduce the guy who has good reflexes. And this match was semifinal of all Japan student individual championship at 2010, when he was 4th grade  university student. White side is Kitani who was belonged to Kanoya then.

The following video is from youtube.
First, they were pressuring each other relatively in close distance. If I were either one of them, I’d run away such a risky distance right away. I just want to say it is a two-edged sword. And I cannot imitate their strategy. They must have been confident in beating opponent in that distance.

Soon after match started, red player tried Kote, but white player soon turned the wrist and hit Men. Without very sharp dynamic vision and good snaps of wrist, this Men couldn’t be possible. And with this distance, usually you can easily be given ippons.

2:55 Tsuki (red) and Men (white) exchange was difficult for judge. Tsuki hit faster, but in case of Men exchange, sometimes Men is more preferred even Men is a little late and has advantage for ippon.

Before 3:04 beautiful Men, white player also intercepted opponent’s pressure and counterattacked without moving backward. The moment when red player moved from Kote to Men, white player hit Men faster.

In youth, some population has this kind of quick reflexes and good eyes, which makes it possible for them to choose these Kendo style. It is very exciting and fascinating to watch, isn’t it?

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