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Rules, mainly about team match

In this site sometimes, I will sometimes show the score of match. I will put on results based on the following abbreviation and rule.

Men > M
Kote > K
Do or Gyaku Do (another side of Do) > D
Tsuki > T
Hansoku (foul play) > ^
Hansoku (one point, ippon) > H

Two foul plays (^^) give one ippon for other side of competitor.

As you know, match finishes either two ippon dominance or one ippon dominance with time’s up, otherwise draw (Hikiwake in Japanese). So,combinations are following.
Player A matches player B;
A     ○M-       B  (A win)
A    ○KK-      B  (A win)
A      K-○D    B  (draw)
A        -T       B   (B win)
A      ○H-^^   B   (A win)
A         -        B   (draw)
A      MT-○M B   (A win)
The circled letter means first score as well as within time.
The naked letter means either second or third score or a score in extra time.
In team match, from Senpo to Taisyo (5 individual matches is most common form), team having more winners (if same winner more ippons) win the match.
For expamle, team A    -         team B
Senpo                    A1 ○KK – D      B1
Jiho                        A2       ^-          B2
Chuken                  A3       ^-           B3
Fukusho                 A4     M-○M      B4
Taisho                    A5         -○TD    B5
So, in that case winners of both team are same 2, but ippons 3 from team A and 4 from team B, so team B win the match.

That is a rough explanation of the rules (I guess many of you might already know well). Senpo is always start at same point, same condition. If earliest (one side match), at chuken the team win (or lose) be settled. And in general, fukusho and taisho face at difficult situation frequently.

We also learn or be trained to choose different strategy depend on the score of team players.

For instance, above mentioned score before fukusho make B5 player to choose more aggressive play. And on the other hand, A5 have to be defensive and patient in general.

So, let’s check real match, understanding situation and background of players also make us feel dramatic, excited and interesting.
         Red (Ohori)       VS     white (Higashi Fukuoka)
S          ○M
J                              -
C                                       ○D
F          ○MK            -           K
From fukusho, red colored team had adventage, and for white team
taisho,  2-0 was the only score they could win.
The following link is the match,

So, in taisho match, white team changed from behind to win. First ippon was unfortunate for red taisho because it was doubtful for me but second ippon was perfect!

For another sense, it has interesting meaning. Previously, white taisho was incompatible to red taisho. In many matches he lost, but finally white taisho won and made revenge in the most important match which winner can be entitled to participate in all Japan highschool tournament at summer.

If you would like to watch all matches, there is a link below.
(From 1:42 senpo, 7:08 jiho, 13:46 chuken, 18:26, fukusho, 23:55 taisho)

Have fun!

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