Monday, October 8, 2018

Taking initiative - University 1

This is my favorite match from all Japan university kendo championship 2012.
What do you think about this match?

First Do was good hit. Red player (red) countered nicely to white (white) player’s Men. But, soon white took back Kote. I felt this Kote was most beautiful of this match. Maybe Kote is white player’s favorite technique because speed and precision was so exceeding among his technique.

The important point in the first attack was how to prepare for counterattack. Before first Do, red moved his right foot half step forward to counterattack white and waited for Men. As red expected, white came and so he got nice ippon.

For next white Kote, red seemed to fend off Kote and hit Men. But this time, it was difficult for him to do it because Kote was faster and good enough to be ippon.

From several movements, I think white noticed red is not good at coping with Kote hitter. So in latter part, he tried to hit Kote more frequently. Interesting point is that he attacked Kote many times, but white could not countermeasure properly and was defeated at last.

Why that happened? I found one fact about how he hit Kote.

White attacked Kote 2 ways, fastest one and slow one. He changed the timing. Fastest one was shortest hit, (like 2:43 in the video), it is like stabbing movement. Slow Kote confused opponent, approaching and waving Shinai (sword) as if trying to Men (3:03 in the video). As a result, red confused and showed movement protecting his Men.

In this match, white pressure was stronger and he took the initiative.

White Tsuki was also close to the point (2:00). Although 2:43 Kote was not becoming ippon, but you may notice one of judge was about to raise flag. Judge in many cases had lots experiences, and they tend to watch stronger player they think because he might has more opportunity to get ippons.

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