Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tsuki and changing momentum - University 8

The following video is from 2017 all japan student individual championship 5th round. In this match, red player is Miyamoto who was semifinalist in 2016 all japan kendo championship (not student but all adult).

So, his talent was already proven and everybody knew he was excellent player.

White side is Makishima, who was semifinalist in last year same tournament.

Both players are well-known and we expected their match.
Red player’s pressure was strong and white player avoid first encounter to clinch.

1:04 Men was unavoidable, it was fast one-step Men. So before white player knew it, he hit Men.

From here, red player completely dominated this match.

However, soon after that, white player tried Tsuki all of a sudden before they made enough distance.

This serial movement was unexpectable because it was too difficult for somebody to Tsuki while they are in such a close distance.

Gradually, the momentum of the match went toward white player.
At around 3:20, white player seemed to dominate. Because he first pushed into red player’s territory.

White player confused him changing rhythm, at some moment try abrupt distant Men from abnormal angle (2:22, 3:43) or some moment GyakuDo in strange timing (4:18).

He hit 4:59 Men at last. Red player couldn’t anticipate white player have such a counterattack when white player was still in his backward movement.

As a result, red player couldn’t react his attack.

Not a small number of audiences predicted red player's victory because he had a good result last year in much famous and big tournament.

However, in this match, white player seemed to dominate red player. Partly their kendo style compatibility related the result.

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