Saturday, October 20, 2018

Unique strategy of a tall player

Japanese male average height is about 172 cm, and many of kendo players are between 160-180 cm range from my experience. Today I’d like to talk about tall kendo player.

The white player’s name is Norimoto. His height is about 185 cm.

Tall players have their own strategy sometimes. For instance, jyodan is one of them. If you place shinai up one’s head, itself can be a threat for opponent because hitting places become distant.

However, this Norimoto do not place jyodan position. Instead, he chooses unique strategy.
This is a video from all japan kendo championship 2010, 2nd round (from middle of the match). In this match, they didn't get ippon within time and extended extra time.

He places regular position at start. But as seen in 3:19- and 7:18-, he often took off the mark from center of opponent, which is sometimes taught as wrong action.

In his case, however he seemed deliberately off the mark to check opponent’s reaction and to search where to hit.

Little by little he checked the reaction and character. And finally he succeeded to hit Men (8:21).

I think this strategy has additional advantage; Deceiving the distance between players. Therefore, some player might feel suddenly shinai show up and no space and time to evade.

I don’t recommend all players to take this strategy, but he adapted to the strategy very well.

By the way, he works at a medical doctor (anesthesiologist) usually. I respect that point, too.

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