Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gyaku Do - University 2

This match is from all Japan university student championship in 2016. I saw high level skill both of them. Red player is Maeda from Nippon University and white player is Makishima from Kanoya.

In this match, gyaku Do (opposite side of normal Do) were frequently used. Gyaku Do was usually difficult to get ippon but it is effective against player who guard their normal side Do but opened other side.

So red tried gyaku Do 2:20, it wasn't judged ippon but after that movement he showed very swift backward movement and that was effective to elude from opponent pursuit. He also tried gyaku Do at 3:36 as white player's gyaku Do was opened. On the other hand white also tried to hit at 4:30. And white player showed gyaku Do feint and immediately changed hiki Men at 3:33. This technique was also skillful.

For white 2:45 Men, red reaction was delayed because white concentration at a moment interrupted somehow and white didn't miss that opportunity.
Soon after that at about 3:17, red hit Men in return at similar situation. This might because white mistook one step distance of red Men was a bit far. Therefore, when white noticed and stepped back, red Men was already reached at hit point.

They both set feet position widely than normal players. Good body balance was the common character of both players.

In terms of the last judge (2 to 1 : white to red), I think it was misjudge and it was actually red Kote.

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