Sunday, October 14, 2018

VS Jyodan - Highschool 3

In previous article, I introduced excellent Jyodan player. This time in reverse, I want to introduce a player who coped with nice technique to hit Jyodan’s weak point. Chudan player is white side Yanagita, belonged to Oyama high school.
This is a 2011 all Japan highschool championship (team) semifinal match of Fukusho. Before Fukusho, the score was 3/1 to 3/2. So one win behind.

I explained last article ( that it is common for Jyodan player to hold shinai by only left hand. This red player at 0:57 released right hand during the movement. And after 1:25 Men also.

At 2:03, white player finally tried first action after he release his right hand. It was very interesting to aim at his right Kote because it seems difficult to hit free Kote in general.

What was regrettable point for red player was he did the same thing at 2:31, maybe it was unconscious habit for him; Before this match, he rarely match such a guy hitting that tricky place very skillfully.

At last, 3:37 he hit almost similar Kote again.

It is commonly applicable in any field that attacking opponent’s weak point is a theory to beat enemy more efficiently.

From his match, I think we have a lot to learn.

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