Monday, November 26, 2018

All Japan Student final at 2009, team, Chuken - University 17

Last three articles, I introduced senpo (1/7), jiho (2/7) and gosho (3/5) matches. The score before starting chuken (4/7) from red to white was 2(3) – 0(0). From white side, it is good time to expect counterattack.

Red player from Kanoya was Kitani. He is from Teikyodaigo high school. White player was Wasano, he is from Oitamaizuru high school. I forgot to tell you but an announcement at beginning of the match was to introduce individual players’ name and high school they graduated.

The following youtube is a chuken match.
They were similar in terms of their wide feet distance. With feet distance wide, you can expect to be more stable and easier to swiftly cope with opponent’s movement in counterattack.

On the other hand, if you set width of feet narrower, it has advantage to attack from more distance. In general, it is said that normal width of feet is your shoulder width.

As you see 1:29, red player was very good at counterattack. It was fast and for standard level, player it was very tough to avoid.

At 3:00 same timing Men, white player’s Men might be a bit faster. But, red player had moved more vigorously before that and stroked large Men. The judge was not easy to judge ippon from only the speed of hit.

Red player in this match always tried second, third stroke after finishing one hit. And soon switched next move and stroked unguarded opponent’s Men at 3:05.

Next Men was very cool. It was decisive Men. Red player didn’t allow opponent player to get back his pace and finished the match.

So, the score became 3(4) – 0(0). For white side, it became very tough match. Without all the remaining players’ win, they would lose.

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