Wednesday, November 28, 2018

All Japan Student final at 2009, team, Sansho - University 18

I’m introducing team match from senpo (1/7) to taisho (7/7). Today, I am introducing sansho (5/7). The score before sansho from red to white was 3(5) – 0(0). From white side, next player stood on the edge of the cliff.

Red player from Kanoya was Kawabata from Miyakonojyohigashi high school. White player was Katsuoka from Kurashiki high school.

Red is a jyodan player. Jyodan is a unique position compared with normal one (chudan) and numbers of players were fewer. It is depend on individuals who is good at jyodan or is bad at jyodan. So, not only the capacity of a player itself but also compatibility between players influences a result.

The following youtube is a sansho match.
Red player is a stereotypic jyodan, he is tall, powerful and aggressive style.

One of the place to aim at jyodan player is opposite side of kote (left hand) as white player tried to hit at 1:35. It end up in swinging away.

1:56 Men was really nice hit. I don’t want to criticize the judge, but this might be overlooking. Chance of the match was limited especially in case of both players are strong enough. If white player got ippon here, white team still had possibility to win. It was an important situation.

From 3:33, red player stroked 3 times just by left hand. This was only possible to have well enough muscles and technique.

5:01 Men of red player was good. With a bit forward momentum, it became ippon. It seemed careless for white player, but he had to get ippon and had no choice but to keep aggressing on and on.

So, the score remained 3(5) – 0(0). However, since only two matches left, red team caught the victory of final match before fukusho match.

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