Friday, November 30, 2018

All Japan Student final at 2009, team, Fukusho - University 19

Today, I also introduce serial team match 2009 all Japan Student Kendo championship. It is 7 to 7 matches. From Senpo to Sansho (first 5 matches), red team victory decided. But, this Fukusho match (6/7) was also interesting.

The player of red was Ejima from Miyaki high school, and the player of white was Fukumori from Saidaiji.

Following is the video of the match.
At 0:15 red player tried “debana-Men” at good timing. debana-Men is a skill reacting to hit opponent’s Men at the timing just opponent player was about to try or move something.

He added another stroke after Men at 0:17, this combination was also good to make more chance to get ippon. Some players become unguarded after contact.

White player had very powerful stroke like 0:21 Kote. So, he also had chances for ippon in my opinion.

0:43 hiki-Do (backward) to debana-Men was again a good combination. He had advantage in terms of numbers and variations of stroke. 1:09- two consecutive Men was also.

Before 2:18 white player’ Men, he rounded shinai so as to confuse opponent player. It was effective a bit and red player had to avoid bending back his position. If their distance was a bit closer, this stroke might be an ippon.

Red player was still cool-headed and smoothly shifted combination hit; Kote to Men at 2:24.

3:11 white player’s Tsuki was a good aim because it was when red player unguarded his throat Tsuki place.

The last Men (and also 2:24), it was when white player stopped his footwork and delayed reaction at the distance red player could effectively hit.

On the other hand, although I found some unguarded moments of red player, it was difficult distance or outside of white player’s reach. So, red player placed himself relatively safer position in this match. And that I think was the main cause of his win in the match.

(Psychological condition also might be influenced, which red team decided victory already and played with joy.)

Personally, I like this red player’s kendo the best among all in this final match. He is very elusive and strategic sometimes.

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