Saturday, November 10, 2018

Almost Men-only victory - Highscool 6

Strong Kendo players tend to have several strong skills from Men to Do, but that not mean players just having Men cannot win matches. Today, I introduce interesting match (at least it interested me a lot.).

This is a video of match 2014 national athletic meet preliminary (Kendo high school male).

In this match, white player is very interesting because almost he did was forward Men. Of course he mixed feint or changed timing sometimes to deceive opponent. However, it is rather unique tactics.

White player is Tagaya from Tochigi prefecture located a little north from Tokyo.
First, 0:16 he tried brushing off shinai and hit Men. This time, his attempt failed.

Next, 0:44 he tried hit Men to swing upward. Because of red players defense, it was prevented.

At 1:22, he stroke close to Kote and swung shinai two sides and confused opponent and hit Men from left side of shinai. This time, although it didn't become ippon, but he successfully stroked Men and it was close to ippon.

At 2:40, he tried another same Men but it was distant and couldn’t reach to the site.

One characteristics of white player’s Kendo is holding shinai with his left hand making enough space from body. You can see his regular position like 4:01. It might have positive aspect to handle shinai like his style, but I don't say definitely because I haven’t tried this style previouly.

Soon after start at 4:31, his serial movement made it possible to reach Men. This time he immediately react to hit forward Men after backward Men, and that made opponent be careless at a moment.

He is very talent player, and I have no confident to fight with almost only Men as him. I think many players are worried to be hit Kote or Do as a counter with this kendo style. So he is genius.

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