Thursday, November 8, 2018

Amazing Do, AJKC 2018

I checked my title, and noticed “Amazing Men” and “Amazing Kote” were already made, but we don’t have Do, Gyaku-Do nor Tsuki yet.

So, today’s topic is “Do”. The following is the video of all japan kendo federation from last Saturday 2018 all japan kendo championship (AJKC) 3rd round.
As you may know, red Maeda is a player who was senpo in world kendo championship 2018.

White player Matsuzaki is 20 years old. He is Tsukuba University undergraduate and also famous and strong player, but in this match, Maeda is one rank higher in his skill and experiences.

I feel red player made pressure more effectively and white player avoid or clinch not to be hit ippons.

Red player first hit counter Men as white player incompletely went Men at 1:14. If red player didn’t pressure enough beforehand, white player wasn’t scared and this ippon might not effective.

Getting back on talk to Do, in case of forward Do, you have two choice. Hitting unguarded Do or Do as a counterattack of Men.

After red player got ippon, I think it seemed more likely to get counter hit Do like 3:15. At 3:15, it was Kote, but the timing was counter Kote and in that meaning, it was similar.

White player had to take back ippon, otherwise he would lose the match. And he tried to pressure more than he did first.

Before 3:31 Do, white player successfully made pressure and red player couldn’t patient and went Men. This time, his strategy succeeded and he took back ippon.

It became 1-1, and same condition for both. Next moment, red player didn't miss opportunity of unguarded Do. After white player get back to score tie, he might be relieved a bit and that made him a little careless.

So, in this match, you could see two amazing Do technique from both players in different situation and strategy.

Now, we have introduced Men-Do, and maybe amazing Gyaku-Do, Tsuki come next sometime in future.

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