Sunday, November 18, 2018

Amazing Gyakudo - University 13

Today, I am going to introduce nice gyakudo. In terms of gyakudo, there are two kinds of gyakudo choice, one is forward movement and another is backward movement.

First, I am introducing forward hit. The first one is youtube video from 2017 all japan student championship 4th round.

The white player is Makishima, University at Kanoya City. And the red player is Nakane, Ryutu-keizai University.

Gyakudo is especially effective against players who try to guard opponent’s hit by raising shinai. But, in general, it is difficult technique and depend on judge, it makes harder to get ippon. So, in general, it is difficult technique.
First 1 minute, red player raised shinai several times for defense. Most notable is 2:35- how he guarded. So, it is effective for Men or Kote hit, however…

Not only for gyakudo, but also Tsuki, this type of guard is vulnerable.

Gyakudo at 4:52, was a typical hit when opponent opened his do to cover his Men or Kote.

Today, I would like to show another youtube with same players match when they were high school student. Here again, white was Makishina at Shimabara high school and red was Nakane at Mitokiryo high school. This was a team match, and from 6:53- they started their match (Taisho).
This gyakudo at 7:05 was backward gyakudo, I think this gyakudo is more difficult and need good skills.

Red player is good in defense, but he is bad at this white player, who has excellent skill of gyakudo.

However, to begin with, white team Shimabara seemed good at red team Mitokiryo. They were similar level or even Mitokiryo’s player might be stronger according to past records against others. But as you see Fukusho match from 0:03-, white team (Shimabara) player completely excised control over the match, and it seemed red player didn’t show his real performance.

If you focus on compatibility among players or teams, you may find another aspect of kendo and enjoy more.

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