Friday, November 16, 2018

Amazing Tsuki

I mentioned about “Amazing Tsuki” a bit, so today I am introducing amazing Tsuki. The following match is 2015 all police championship quarterfinal from youtube video.

White side player is Okido and red side is Tsuchitani. Both from Osaka police department, so they had practiced together and knew each other well.

I have to explain one different unique feature of this championship. In this tournament, only ippon decides winner, so they have be more careful not to be hit by their careless. Even a strong player can be defeated easily sometimes because the rule does not allow catch-up game.
In this match, both players moved by footwork very much. Previously I introduced Tsuchitani’s footwork of lateral movement ( In this match, he also used lateral movement frequently.

From 1:10- it looked like red player was checking a good chance for ippon. He went into opponent territory or struck shinai from right side.

The main aim of strike shinai from right side is Men or Tsuki, on the other hand left side is Kote or Do in general. Sometimes, players mix feint and intentionally hit opposite side place, but in case of this match. It was basic aim.

1:53 Tsuki was unexpected hit because it still had a bit distant and he also timing off the hit. So, white player delayed a second and he tried to counter but it was late.

The red player’s movement after Tsuki was also good from the standpoint of avoiding counterattack after Tsuki. It was bending posture, but it was effective in that situation.

Anyway, the Tsuki itself was dynamic and impressive ippon.

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