Friday, November 2, 2018

Tricky Kote avoiding Kote-Kaeshi-Men - University 11

In previous article, I talked about Kote-kaeshi-Men (, Today, I’d like to show one possible countermeasure for Kote-kaeshi-Men.

Makishima, red player of the match of all japan students individual final 2017, showed unique answer to avoid Kote-kaeshi-Men. The match starts at  1:17-.
To get straight to the point, it is easier to see than read the sentence of my poor English. So, please check from 4:20-. Until he hit Kote, it is like everybody else. But, after his hit, he went backward very rapidly like hiki-Kote.

When I first see this ippon, I didn't understand what happened. So I changed camera speed slower and checked his movement.

First he stepped in to hit Kote with his feet width relatively wider, and almost at the same time he bent and twisted his upper body to other side and started moving away from the opponent, for avoiding Men.

This method might be a preventive measure for Kote-kaeshi-Men. So, why many players don't do like this? The problem is that it is too tricky movement and I don’t think everybody can do it.

Of course I have never learnt like this method previously and I haven’t seen such technique in the textbook. Only gifted players who have good motor nerves and good reflexes make it possible to get ippon with this.

If you see his movement, you might noticed he is extraordinary. Like 3:11-, he hit Kote twice without breaking his posture. Opponent player move backward, so usually it must be very difficult movement to hit same Kote twice serially in such a situation.

So, it shouldn’t be imitated for ordinary player and I don't recommend this to all the players. And Kendo masters who have high Dan tend to dislike this kind of unusual skill.

However, I like it personally. This Kote skill is like ninjya sliding on the floor and has artistry taste. It is just cool for me.

In following youtube, you can also enjoy his same Kote technique to get ippons. If you like it, please check these.

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