Friday, December 28, 2018

Daihyousen 2 - Highschool 13

Last time, I mentioned about daihyousen of student championship (2018/12/26). This time, I also find daihyousen video of high school match from youtube.

The score ended up in tie and they started extra inning. The red side was Kurokawa belongs to Shimabara high school at Nagasaki, and white side was Noze belonges to Iwatahigashi at Shizuoka. Both team are known as strong kendo club activity.
They seemed to know each other. Red player was good at backward technique as well as rapid forward Men. And white player was standard and steady style Kendo.

So like 0:23, white player killed the space clinching immediately not to give chance to red player at tsubazeriai attachment. While, red player also paid attention not to be hit counter attack carelessly. At 1:09 red player approached for attack, but since white player took distance, he didn’t chase further.

1:26 hiki-Men was red player’s favorite, but white player bent his position backward not to be critically stroked.

From 1:35, red player lifted shinai a bit. I didn’t figure out this movement very much. He might check opponent reaction or just want to dominate in forward position or something else…
At this time, red player’s left hand was set more forward position than usual. So it was possible that he got ready for counter attack to cope with opponent movement swiftly.

2:26 hiki-Kote was admitted ippon. After hiki-Men 1:26 and after he swung shinai as if he hit Men, white player was tricked and Kote became unguarded.

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