Thursday, December 20, 2018

Excellent concentration - University 25

Last articles, I showed 2011 student championship preliminary in Kanto,  quarter final each. So, I introduce last remaining match this time.

Red side was Kawasaki belonged to Nittai University (sorry, it is not formal name but one commonly used). White side was Kumagaya belonged to Seiwa university.
White player tried more attack compared with red player especially first several minutes. And he was also good at maintaining body posture and balancing.

Red player was stronger and faster as better points. And he had guts to take control in the match.

Which was dominant, then?
I think both had chance equally, until last ippon, both players were very careful not to be critically hit by opponent player.

So, what happened in the last moment?
White player delayed at a moment in a serial movement and red player didn’t miss the chance.
Before the last hit, red player made enough pressure to make white player moved halfway. As soon as he confirmed white player stopped his movement in a distance red player could hit, he hit by the shortest trail without fail.

Like this match, if power balance between players is close, chances are sometimes limited only in tsubazeri (attachment) or serial movement like this.

Red player’s concentration was excellent at that moment, ordinary player cannot keep being attentive and shrewd enough to get ippon in such a situation.

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