Monday, December 10, 2018

Mitokiryo kendo - Highschool 10

Today, I would like to introduce steady standard kendo. Mitokiryo high school is located in Ibaraki prefecture, where is known as many of strong players.

The following is the video 2018 all Kanto high school student kendo tournament. The match was quarter final and red player Iwabe from Mitokiryo high school was notable in the match. White player is Maehara, belongs to Maebashi ikuei high school in Gunma prefecture.
At 0:51, red player hit hiki-Kote. It was a nice aim, but for white player’s viewpoint, his footwork was not good because he wasn’t ready to counter.

At 1:03, red player hit hiki-Kote at similar situation.

At 1:56, white feet were stopped completely. As a result, he allowed red player to do as he liked and was hit by hiki-Men. Hiki-Men itself was a bit off the mark (hit side head).

White player felt as same, and he looked judge questionably. But, even after he was hit, he didn't try to chase red player. Let opponent player do as he liked…so I think this worth ippon.

From 2:10, red player made pressure and confused white player with shinai sword handling. If white player used footwork more effectively, he might play and compete better to match strong player like red side.

One more excel point of red player was like you see 2:37, he seemed to prepare counter attack both mentally and physically.

Then, red player stroked counter ai-Men at 3:10. It was also similar timing to 2:37 Men.

Mitokiryo high school players are very standard and well-trained, good appearance kendo.

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