Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Second hit - University 21

Quarter final match 2012 student kendo championship. Red player is Yamamoto from Kokusaibudo university, white player is Suzuki from Nippon university.

The following is the youtube video.
In this match, red player got 2 ippons, both were Men. However, either Men was not direct hit but second hit. That was not standard first stroke.

Keeping posture wherever you can counter is important especially higher class match. Because good players are usually good at defense, so it is less chance if you stroke normal way. So, chances lie in somebody’s after action.

It is interesting to focus on red player’s foot works and positioning. He kept his own place ready to counter any times.

First, 0:45 red player hit Men after white inefficient Kote. Second, 1:56 red player hit Men after he made faint and swung largely.

The first stroke was after opponent’s action, and second was after his own action and one serial movement. In either case, red player kept his good posture to efficiently stroke his Men.

Here, two factors were at least needed. One was technique, so positioning as explained. Another was maintaining concentration in order to hit whenever the timing was.

I think physical training as well as mental one is necessary for these kinds of stroke. The take home message is doing practice with good concentration.

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