Saturday, December 22, 2018

Stretching and spring Men - University 26

“Stretching Men with spring step”

I’s like to introduce stretching and spring Men. This is kanto student championship at 2010. Red side was Kuroishi belonged to Nippon university and white side was Adachi belonged to Meiji university.

The following is the youtube video.
The match soon ended with one-side victory in this match. White player was not weak, but he didn't cope with movement of red player in the match.

At 0:19, white player checked red player’s reaction from distance hitting Kote. Of course he knew opponent player could counterattack and I think white player was vigilant. But, beyond his expectation was the distance and speed red player could reach.

After white player hit Kote, he tried to defense Men by shinai as in the video. But, it was a delayed reaction that red player could hit Men.

White player had to tie back the score and tried to approach. This time also red player dominated at the exchange.

Red player moved faster with stretching Men, and didn’t give chance for white player to show his good point.

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