Monday, December 24, 2018

Tsubazeriai tactics - Highschool 12

Today I am talking about Tsubazeriai (attachment) tactics.

Two players were Tashiro in red side belonged to Fukuokadaiichi, and Nishida in white side who belonged to Miike high school respectively.

The following video is a Fukuoka prefectural high school championship of individual 1st round.

In individual match, players don’t have to worry about a score before one’s match and all have to do is to dominate at least one ippon at end of a match. So stay calm and take time to make tactics increases the possibility to win.
In this match, red player always took control and dominated in Tsubazeriai attachment.

I remember once my master at junior high school said that a victory is likely to be decided at Tsubazeriai attachment if two players have similar capacity.

From defensive standpoint, defense by shinai only limited at most several places, and it is impossible to protect all places at the same time like covering Men and Kote and Do. Some places become unguarded anyway.

Watching the match, at former half part Tsubazeriai, for example 0:50- and 1:24-, white player defensed upper part mainly. Therefore, red player tried to hit lower part Do at 2:03. But, it was a little difficult to get ippon this time.

So next in Tsubazeriai at 2:48, red player changed upper part and stroked fine hiki-Men. Just before red player hit Men, he lowered his shinai as if he wanted to hit Do again.

Beause white player once had risky situation of Do at 2:03, he paid attention to Do, on the other hand, Men became unguarded as a result.

With tactics in Tsubazeriai attachment, you might have more opportunity to win.

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