Sunday, December 30, 2018

Youthful and vibrant Men - Highschool 14

I found nice ippons in team match of high school in Kanto region in 2012. It was quarter final, from red side Sugamo vs Nittaiebara.

High school players sometimes show unexpected and excellent movement. In these matches, white team Fukusho and Taisho showed beautiful performance. So I want to introduce.

From red to white, score before Fukusho was 0(1) - 2(3). So, white team had advantage and if next player win, white team win.

Due to the resolution of video, I couldn’t read red team name (Sorry). But, white team Fukusho was Takagi and Taisho was Murase.
First was the Fukusho match. The strongest point in white team was forward Men with momentum like 0:30. It was very youthful and vibrant stroke.

At 1:25, white player’s kaeshi-Do became ippon. It was a nice aim; watching opponent player well and successfully counterattacked.

At 2:15, stretching Men with good spring. This time, red player approached but he stopped his step without taking enough defense.

So, winner was already decided to the white side. But, it remained and continued one match “Taisho”.

Taisho match started 2:35. Red player lowered his shinai with approach. It might be effective in some situation. But, here was not a proper choice. It was white player’s confortable reach and he easily hit beautiful Men at 2:39.

At 2:52, red player also stopped his step and it was again white player’s reach. So he hit Men again to end the match.

Except first Do, situations white team players hit ippons were similar somehow. Those were moments opponent players’ stay at sites. I want to say footwork is important.

But in these matches aside from this, I was impressed their technique. And in addition to good hitting technique, white players’ posture and form were neat and good. I found beautiful plays in the video, so I introduced this one.

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