Thursday, January 24, 2019

2016 omnibus - Highschool 19

Last time, I introduced amazing match of Hoshiko. He belonged to Kyusyugakuin and now he is a Tsukuba University undergraduate.

In case of fascinating match that is capturing the audience, it is recorded by several audiences sometimes.

The following youtube video is omnibus of high school players’ ippons mainly collected in 2016.
Ippons I showed last article ( were included from 22:05-.

First, Kote and next Men. Hoshiko’s Men is very nice with full of guts, but Kote is much more skillful and superb.

Other good examples of Kote are 21:41 and 23:37. These are as if his shinai gravitated to the best place.

Other players in this generation were also unique and high level. So, I want everybody to enjoy this omnibus. It is 25 minutes total, but I feel much shorter time because it is so enjoyable.

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