Friday, January 18, 2019

Facing jyodan 2 - University 31

The following is another interesting match facing jyodan. The style facing jyodan is quite different to that of player last time I introduced. This time, chudan player outreached speed and guts as well as good strategy.

This is the match 2017 Kanto Student preliminary tournament 3rd round. Red player is Kajitani belongs to Meiji University and white player is Takahashi belongs to Ryutsukeizai University.
Red player Kajitani is a freshman just entered university the same year, so he had good momentum in this match.

At 0:54, he happened to drop his shinai when he was rounding to stroke probable Men.

Before 1:13, red player induced white player’s stroke and he successfully hit half-way Men after Kote.

1:29 Men of white player was abrupt timing and good aim, but his failure is making foul out of the play field. I think it was preventable mistake if he cared about the position inside.

White player was very brave as he hit 2:41 gyaku-Do. It was nice timing, but red player’s footwork helped him at the brink of his danger avoiding critical hit.

Red player was very aggressive even after he got ippon like he showed 2:46 Kote. Aggressive match is very interesting and exciting to watch.

Exchange of 3:19 white player’s Kote and red player’s Men was risky for both players.

At 4:12, both players again move forward to make risk. This time, white player dodged red player’s attack and hit Men in return.

After that, red player gradually shifted his tactics to choose backward or after-hit movement. But at last, he lanced Tsuki and this ippon finished the match.

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