Thursday, January 10, 2019

Feint Men - Highschool 16

The following video is from 2016 all japan high school championship quarter final macth.

Red player is Osonoi belongs to Mitokiryo high school at Ibaraki prefecture, and white player is Kajitani belongs to Kyusyugakuin high school at Kumamoto prefecture.
Kendo style between players are so different in this match.
Red player is tall and standard, while white player is short and fast-moving style. Both players are good at Men, but timing and how they hit differ so much.

Let’s have a look. As I expected, white player set out first, and red player looked for the chance after white movement. Like 1:32, red player tried Men at the respite of white player’s move.

At 1:54, red player tried nice-timing Tsuki. But, red player twisted his body and rebuilt his standing position.

Soon after that, white player feinted and tricked red player and hit Men in return. Red player at a moment paid attention to gyaku-Do, and hence he delayed his reaction of guarding Men.

2:32 gyaku-Do was nice aim although it wasn't admitted as ippon.

At 3:03, white player showed similar Men as he got ippon around 2:00.

3:18 white player’s Men was also good and ideal timing for counter attack.

Again, 3:45 white player tricked red player with confusing action and added one more Men at end.

In this match, white player was so sharp and technical that red player couldn’t cope with properly.

I am bad at feint movement personally. So, I am jealous of that.

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