Friday, January 4, 2019

Kote countermeasure of Do - University 28

There are effective counter measure against Men and Kote if you can precisely predict opponent player’s next action. For example, you can hit Kote for Men, and hit Kote-Men or Kaeshi-Men for Kote.

But in case of Do, it is a little tricky because without swift or just good-timing stroke of unguarded Men or Kote, opponent player is easily able to avoid and defense.

Therefore, players need technique to hit against Do.

The following is the youtube video to pin point precise Kote for Do. It was 2017 Kanto preliminary tournament of student individual. Red player is Momota belongs to Nitai university (abbreviated commonly used name), and white player is Kawashima belongs to Dokyo university.
At 0:19, red player shifted toward white player to show he was going to go Men. White player deceived and tried to hit Do against Men. But, it was not Men actually but Kote and it became good enough ippon.

At 0:43, red player showed deft positioning, which dodge white player and avoid foul because of Jyogai (out of playing field).

At 0:51, white player hit Tsuki. It was rather unexpected stroke for red player and close to ippon. It might be a bit short of strongess.

But after that, white player didn’t make enough distance and got hit by Men. His behind was close to border, so I think clockwise movement could prevent this unnecessary ippon of red player.

Getting back on track, hitting Kote for player trying Do is quite difficult. Without proper timing and precise well-trained stroke, it is not possible. This red player has excellent skills of countermeasure of Do.

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