Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Nitoryu (two-swords) style 2

Nitoryu play was not allowed below high school in Japan. So, only after above 18 years old, some players tried to begin.

As I explained last article, it needs strong grip and muscles. Moreover, this style is only compatible to limited players whose handling of two movements at the same time is fluent.

It has advantages and disadvantages. I listed up generally known points of each in the following.
Good points: defensive especially protecting Men, offense and defense at the same time
Bad points: easier get foul, consumes more energy, offence is weaker by one-hand

I found skillful Nitoryu player’s video. It is 2016 all Japan student Kendo championship (3rd round).

Red player is Tauchi belongs to Tsukuba university, and white player is Watanabe belongs to Kyoto university. By the way, Kyoto University is very prominent among Japan and only limited students whose school grades are very high can admit.
White player was very good at handling short sword in this match. He effectively handled and defensed his Men to Do.

At 1:07, white player tried interesting-timing Kote. It might be unexpected skill for opponent player.

At 1:23 white player hit Men. At 1:59, white player added another Men. In either case, before he got ippons, he tried to stroke Kote and I think that made red player confused and delayed reaction for defense.

Anyway, his technique was very prominent and I was impressed by this match.

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