Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Psychological strength - Highschool 18

I introduce very exciting team match today. It was 2016 spring season all japan high school kendo tournament semifinal. Red team was Kyusyugakuin from Kumamoto and white team is Reitakumizunami from Gifu prefecture.

From first three matches, white team chuken won his match, so score from red to white was 0(0) – 1(1); red team Kyusyugakuin was one winner and ippon behind before Fukusho match.

The following is youtube video of Fukusho and Taisho matches. Especially Taisho match is so exciting and mainly I focus on Taisho match.
Fukusho player of red team is Kajitani and white player is Morikoshi. In this match, the kendo styles of both players are different; so the characteristic of red player is like fast, aggressive, unexpected movement. White player is standard, powerful, steady style.

1:11 white player’s Kote was good timing. But soon after that at 1:29, red player got Men ippon after he feint and white player was deceived for a moment.

Even after red player got ippon, he kept attacking and tried to hit wherever he could hit. It made more difficult for white player to get ippon back. And time limit came.

So before Taisho match, the score was totally even 1(1) – 1(1) and the team result was depend on Taisho match.

Taisho player was Hoshiko (red) and Kosumi (white).

First around 6:20-, white player set about Men.

At 7:15 white player also stroked Kote, but this time red player first invaded white player’s territory and might be disfavorable for white player.

In case of 3:38’s Men, it was also the same; white player was under pressure of red player’s invasion. Same things happened at around 8:00.

So first 2 minutes of their play, even though white player hit more, but psychologically the situation was reverse I imagine.

Gradually, white player decreased his opportunities of stroke and red player dominated his attack.

Finally, at 10:19 after red player made enough pressure to raise opponent hands, he hit amazing Kote. Before this Kote, red player stroked Men twice consecutively and that might also confuse white player and help successful hitting Kote.

Remaining time was limited and white player had to get ippon back. Therefore, white player came to stroke more frequently and increased his chances.

But this was also the chance for red player, too. Because with closer distance, both player not only one side had the chance to get ippon equally. Red player didn’t miss this chance.

At 10:56 after red player stroked hiki-Men, he consecutively jumped into opponent player’s Men and this became ippon. As explained, white player wanted to get ippon back and unconsciously he approached a bit closer to the territory of red player’s convenience.

What a fight! I just respect his skill and psychology strength.

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