Saturday, January 26, 2019

Senpo strategy - Highschool 20

Previously, I mentioned a bit about how to play team match.

Suppose you can gather top 5 players, can you win the team match always? My answer is “No”. In each position, required skill and mental is totally different, so if you want to win team match, it is better choose and place right person to right position.

Another factor is human relation. With good mutual trust, performance tends to outreach.

I would like to talk about suitable characteristics of each position. And start from Senpo; Senpo is cheerful and gives power and good momentus for team players matching later in general.

Red is Kajitani belongs Kyusyugakuin, and white is Omote belongs to Shimabara in the following Senpo match.
What do you think? First both players are full of spirit and played vibrantly. At 0:45, red player’s hit Men in excellent timing, shifting from backward to forward.

Even after red player got ippon, he never drew back psychologically. But white player too, he never be afraid of lost and kept on stroking to get ippon back. As a result, white player got back ippon at 1:58; beautiful Men from jyodan.

What is notable is next movement. Red player approached swiftly and anticipated white player’s movement and aim and stroked momentary carelessness.

In terms of giving positive momentus, one win is the common gift for next players. From that viewpoint, red player did requested job in this match.

Once, he was deprived ippon and scored back to tie, but next moment he added ippon with acumen and give one win to his team.

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