Sunday, February 24, 2019

Combination hit - University 40

Last time, I introduced player of unique Men. The following youtube video shows same player with different opponent player.

The match was 2015 Kanto student Kendo championship 4th round. Red player is Sasaki (unique player introduced last article) belongs to Tsukuba Univ, and white player is Hiura belongs to Daitobunka Univ.
It is interesting to check 0:20-0:32 that both player sounded out opponent aim or style.

At 1:00, red player stroked combination Tsuki and Men. He also hit with combination at 1:10.

At 1:37, white player invaded very fast and stroked Men. It was good technique.

At 2:32, red player hit Tsuki, it hit good position and he added another Men instantly. Tsuki didn’t become ippon, but this Men was admitted as ippon.

Combination hit is very important when one hit doesn’t become ippon. It might help player.

In this youtube video, match end in middle. But, after red player got ippon, he made a bit distant from opponent so as to reduce risk. And played steadily and stably.

(After all, red player won this match.)

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