Thursday, February 28, 2019

Confuse opponent 2 - University 42

The following youtube video was 2016 Kanto student kendo championship 3rd round. I would like to talk bout how to make space to hit.

Red player is Yasui belongs to Waseda Univ, and white player is Tomita belongs to Nittaidai.
0:37, red player hit Men from reverse side of opponent’s shinai. It was faat stroke and good timing. White player also tried to counter but it was late.

At 1:01, white player succeeded to hit Men back after he induced red player into his territory.

At 2:08, white player largely swing left ward at tsubazeri attachment and red player reacted the same direction for defense. As soon as white player confirmed that defense, white player slashed gyaku-Do to the opposite side and it was beautiful ippon.

In either case, white player made small trap to confuse red player and hit unguarded moment. If you hit Men without any other action, it is very  difficult to get ippon because opponent player try to defend. But, if you combined with fake movement, it becomes much more easier like in the match.

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