Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Daihyousen - Highschool 25

If the score end up in tie even after Taisho, each team has to choose one player for extra match (called Daihyosen in Japanese). 

In Daihyosen, it is decided only ippon, so first player to get ippon would be a winner and game end at that point.

The following video was 2019 high school team match preliminary of all Japan spring tournament in Miyazaki prefecture.

In semifinal match, even after Taisho play, the score was tie. So, each team chose representative player.

Red player is Yoshimura belongs to Takachiho high school, while white player is Kawano belongs to Miyazakinichidai high school.
White player seemed to try Men first, on the other hand red player sounded out opponent player carefully.

At around 2:20, red player showed Tsuki like movement and it was off the mark, but close to the point.

Then, red player tried to hit the spot again at 3:10. This time, he waited for convenient distance for Tsuki. The moment they were closer enough, red player stabbed more strongly than previous time and this time white player failed to defend.

Tsuki entails the risk of being hit after it, so it should be like this youtube video if you want to avoid opponent counterattack. Stab precisely and sufficiently enough to get ippon.

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