Friday, February 8, 2019

Good Taisho match - University 33

Previous article, I wrote about how players match as Taisho (

This time, I introduce team match of Taisho game, but at that moment red team (Chuo Univ.) already decided their win. So, Taisho match didn't have much impact. But, it was nice fight. So, I will choose it.

The following video is 2016 all Japan student team championship 3rd ruound Taisho match, Chuo versus Meiji.
Before Taisho, the score from red was 2(4) – 0(1). Red player is Umegatani belongs to Chuo University and white is Yamada belongs to Meiji.

White player is good at Kote shown in first movement, while as red player showed 0:46, he was good at Men from tsubazeri attachment.

In the match, both players relatively spent longer time in tsubazeri attachment, probably they knew each other well and thought where to hit vigilantly.

But, victory or defeat decided very soon after one side got advantaged.

Just before 1:34, white player pushed red player’s shoulder to break his defense and hit Men. But, red player in reverse utilized white player’s power to backward movement and stroked Men a moment earlier than white player.

The next moment (1:45), red player jumped into white player’s Men and added another ippon.

Even though team result was unchanged whichever Taisho won, it was important especially for winner side because players were encouraged by brave fighting play.

It gave good momentum of team players and they also won at next 4th round in the tournament.

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