Saturday, February 16, 2019

Increasing chance and decreasing risk - University 36

The following video was 2017 Kanto regional student kendo championship. Red player is Kaizuka belongs to Nittaidai and white player is Ogawa belongs to Reitaku Univ.
At this match, I would like reader to focus on red player’s movement. He is fast and skillful, but moreover he had no unguarded moment. His vigilant tactics is helpful to think how to avoid unnecessary stroke of opponent.

At 0:14, red player touched opponent Men. If he smashed strongly, it might be an ippon.

Red player’s guard technique is from 0:15- Tsubazeri attachment. When opponent tried to hit something, he always reacted faster by either clinching or dodging by making space.

At 1:13, white player hit Do at a timing red player hit Men. Red player stopped at middle, so he could prevent Do, but if he didn’t stop Men, Do might be an ippon.

1:30, Kote was very difficult for opponent player because at the last moment, it was difficult to tell it would be Men or Kote. So it was confusing and white player was deceived.

Another good point of this hit is the movement after his hit. He instantaneously shifted his body to the position that opponent player couldn’t hit.

Next red player’s Men was also favorable timing, red player hit white player’s unguarded moment after white player’s hit.

Red player in the match tried to hit white player’s careless moment, on the other hand he was never careless. Increasing chance and decreasing risk like this match makes player more chances to win.

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