Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Physical strength - University 38

Today, I am introducing following youtube video from 2016 student open tournament final match (more than 3 dan players).

The red player is Fukada belongs to Kanoya Univ, and white player is Sawada belongs to Rikyo Univ.
From first, red player dominated and controlled the match. He made pressure and stroke faster than white player in many cases.

At around 2:00, both players didn’t try to hit or move in Tsubazeri attachment, which led to one foul each.

3:03 red player’s counterattack Men was good timing, if white player didn’t defend it might become ippon.

3:45 white player’s Kote was nice hit and close to ippon, but after he hit, he became unguarded. And red player stroked Men without mistake.

Soon after that, red player jumped into Men with one step. His distance between feet is relatively wider, but his distance of Men is very far. He has strong physical and it outreached opponent player in this match.

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