Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Strategy never lose - University 34

I found a competitive player these days, so I would like to introduce with several explanation.

The name of player is Hayashida, he was a national team player of Japan in 17th WKC. The video I am introducing was 5 years ago, when he was university student. But, his skill and strategy was prominent.

The case opponent player stops at a loss or tries to run away, he swiftly invaded opponent’s territory and deprive ippon, Kote is most frequent in my impression. And opponent tries to attack, he counterattack a moment earlier.

In either case, well-trained handling and footwork are essential. Otherwise, it is not possible to play this style.

The following video is from 2014 Kanto student kendo tournament 6th round. Red player is Ochi belongs to Waseda Univ, and white player is Hayashida belongs to Tsukuba Univ.
At start, white player successfully hit Kote. This time, red player also stroked Men, but delayed a moment.

Before 1:22, white player made trap and tried to counterattack Men. If red player went stroke, red player might be hit. At 2:52, he did the similar timing and lastly he captured red player’s Men at 4:02, still similar timing to previous two stroke (1:22, 2:52).

So, this is Mr. Hayashida’s strategy. Fast attack to waiting player, or trap and counterattack to coming player. What is formidable is he has enough power to get ippon in either case. So that’s why he is strong.

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