Monday, February 4, 2019

Taisho strategy - Highschool 24

Taisho is the last person to play, so Taisho players tend to be strongest among teams. It is the last player, so sometimes the team result already decided before Taisho match. In such a case, it is easy; Taisho players can play as they like for their own paces.

However, if the winner side is not decided before Taisho match, it becomes most difficult and tough for them. Leading team Taisho has to protect lead and behind team Taisho desperately has to reverse the game.

The following youtube video is the exciting match of Taisho players. The score before Taisho match was 2(3) – 1(2) from red (Ohori) to white (Higashifukuoka). It was 2018 Fukuoka prefectural tournament of all japan high school preliminary.

The player’s name of red side was Kijima and white side was Nakayama. From the score, red side was a little lead as a team.
At 0:31, white player stroked very strongly. His fighting spirit came across that he wanted to win the match.

1:44 red player Do was fine hit, but 1:47 white player Men was also.

2:32 red hiki-Men was fine hit with good timing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t ippon; I feel it worth ippon.

3:27, when white player fearlessly invaded red player’s territory, he hit Kote a moment unguarded (2:26 Kote was similar timimg.).

However, this Kote was… if I were a judge, I never admit this Kote as an ippon; it didn't seem sufficient.

Next, moment white player added gyaku-Do. It was a perfect stroke. White player didn’t miss the opportunity of red player’s upset.

So, finally white Taisho succeeded to reverse the match, the score 2(3) – 2(4). He did a nice job as Taisho player.

By the way, it is also interesting to focus on directors’ reaction and how they behaved in each time. They both had passionate and thoughtful heart to both students.

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