Thursday, February 14, 2019

When to hit - University 35

I would like to introduce when to find the chance to hit. It is depend on opponent player, but it is easier to find after or between the movement in general.

The following youtube video is 2016 all Japan Student Championship 3rd round. The red player is Sugino (Kokushikan Univ.), and white player is Oishi (Kyusyukyoritsu Univ.)
In this match, the speed and power is not so much different among players, but resulted in one-side victory. They differed in carefulness and movement after one stroke.

Let’s check it.

1:31, red player hit hiki-Men at unguarded point. It was excellent timing, when opponent player finished one movement and lost his concentration a moment.

At 2:21, white player tried Kote. On the other hand, red player hit Kote to Men consecutively. White player finished just one stroke, so he allowed red player to hit Men.

Red player’s Men at 2:36 was also risky hit for white player.

At 2:49, red player added Men to find white player lost his tension.

As seen in the match, chances tend to lie in such a timing one player finishing stroke or being careless in half way distance both player can reach.

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