Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Decisiveness and clever strategy - Highschool 28

The following video is from high school Gyokryuki tournament (team match). In the match, a team would win with Taisho’ victory.

Red team is Reitakumizunami high school and player is Kosumi, and white team is Higashifukuoka high school and player is Fujita.

In the match, white player’s prominent points perfectly fit and get victory; decisiveness and clever strategy.
At 1:48, red player pushed his Kote beyond white player’s guard. And one judge admitted it was ippon. But, it was a bit indecisive that other judges didn’t.

2:30 red player’s Men was a tricky hit, combined with feint. It was also a fair hit.

So far, red player made more chances, but white player showed his decisive offence after that.

At 3:17, he approached to red player and hit sharp Men after backswing. At a moment, red player completely turned to defense side and confused by white player’s backswing.

It had already past abut 3:00 minutes, and didn’t remain much. So, red player was in a hurry to get back the score.

So, he moved busier and made more strokes. But, it meant that it was also the chance for white player because it becomes easier for counterattack.

At 4:08, white player got Kote beautifully at red player’s haste.

So, that is his prominence, made lead from decisive offense and counterattack by clever strategy.

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